Shimon (Shimmy) Meisels, Esq.

Shimmy is an associate based in the firm’s Lakewood, New Jersey office. He represents financial institutions, developers, property owners, and other investors in all facets of commercial real estate transactions in sectors such as retail, office, multi-family, and condo development. His practice includes real estate acquisitions and dispositions, with an emphasis on mortgage and mezzanine… Continue reading Shimon (Shimmy) Meisels, Esq.

Michael Levi

Michael assists clients with a range of legal issues related to the purchase or sale of condominiums. This includes drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating disputes, and advising on compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Michael possesses strong attention to detail, excellent communication, and a commitment to providing quality legal services to his clients.

Eliana Kornfeld, Esq.

Eliana has experience in commercial and residential real estate transactions, with a notable concentration on intricate loans, acquisitions, and joint ventures. She adeptly caters to a diverse clientele, successfully navigating and resolving their varied concerns with practical and efficient solutions. Eliana’s keen focus and unwavering attention to detail equip her to methodically and expeditiously address… Continue reading Eliana Kornfeld, Esq.

Gershon Gold

Gershon assists clients in connection with a broad range of commercial real estate transactions, including acquisitions and dispositions, financings, and joint ventures. He is prompt, practical, and efficient in both his work and communication.

Isaac Graff, Esq.

Isaac Graff represents investors and developers within a broad range of commercial real estate matters, including the acquisition, sale, development and financing of multi-family, industrial, office and retail properties. Isaac’s work focuses on advising clients on their organizational structure, with exceptional attention to detail that brings highly-satisfied clients. Isaac’s counsel is sought after by clients… Continue reading Isaac Graff, Esq.

David Ornstein, Esq.

David Ornstein has experience in the commercial real estate field from both a management and acquisition role. David focuses his expertise on supporting owners, developers, sponsors, and other clients across a broad range of real estate assets, with proven experience, strong negotiation skills, and judgment that allows him to achieve extraordinary results for his clients.… Continue reading David Ornstein, Esq.

Ilan Lerman, Esq.

Ilan Lerman focuses on representing private equity and other opportunity funds, developers, and other owners of real estate in a variety of complex commercial real estate transactions, including joint ventures, acquisitions, development, preferred equity, financing, debt acquisition, and loan workouts. With over 20 years of “big law” experience, his expertise in structuring and documenting all… Continue reading Ilan Lerman, Esq.

Hillel Lazarus, Esq.

Hillel Lazarus joined the firm in 2012 and heads its real estate lending group. He is an accomplished deal maker, having closed thousands of transactions over his almost fifteen years of practice, and has provided counsel to virtually every conceivable seat at the closing table. He is known for his client-focused approach, relying on a… Continue reading Hillel Lazarus, Esq.

Benjamin J. Stanger, Esq.

Benjamin Stanger represents clients in all areas of commercial real estate, including acquisitions, dispositions, finance, leasing, joint ventures and partnerships.  As head of the Leasing Practice at the firm, a strong focus of Ben’s practice is commercial leasing—representing developers, landlords, tenants, and subtenants in ground leases, master leases, hotel leases, warehouse leases, office and retail… Continue reading Benjamin J. Stanger, Esq.

Daniel Cohen, Esq.

Daniel Cohen focuses his expertise on ensuring the smooth closing of complex deals ranging from acquisitions, to sales, and joint ventures with a remarkable breadth of skills and depth of knowledge. Daniel’s wide range of skills also include mezzanine financing, cooperative and condominium offering plans—with clients strongly relying on Daniel to structure the best investment… Continue reading Daniel Cohen, Esq.